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Keyword Segmentation Tool


Segmenting keywords into tightly-focussed groups is the first step to achieving high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and a good Quality Score in Google AdWords. However, segmenting large keyword lists by hand is time consuming and error prone.


The Keyword Segmentation Tool is designed to quickly sort a large list of keywords into multiple smaller lists of related terms called Segments.

Keywords within each Segment can then be wrapped (multiple times) using one or more Google AdWords match types, and the Segment saved to disk ready for inclusion in your campaign.

The Pool contains the list of keywords to be segmented. Filters are provided to convert all keywords to lower case, remove duplicates and sort the list alphabetically.

Active Segments allows Segments to be reviewed and re-ordered. Below this is the main window where Segments are created.

The User Guide provides a complete description of all the features of this Tool. A sample keyword list is also available if you'd like to try the tool now.

For optimum performance, we recommend that this tool is run on Google Chrome. However, it is also fully functional on Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

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