APAM Editing and Publication
APAM Editing and Publication

Editing and Publication


The article Editor provides a full range of text editing and formatting functions via a user-friendly, and familiar graphical interface as shown below.

APAM Editing and Publication


Key features include:-

  • The ability to create new articles or open saved articles;
  • Structural elements such as lists and tables;
  • Adding images and links (URLs) to an article;
  • Font selection and manipulation including size and style;
  • Full clipboard (copy and paste) functionality;
  • Article printing.


New or amended articles are immediately available to your website visitors. The system automatically inserts the article headline (with link) to the top of the Recent Articles panel on the home and other pages of your website.

Newly created categories are automatically added to the Article Categories panel.

The tag cloud is re-calculated and re-drawn to reflect the tags associated with the new article.


Articles can be created and saved for future publication. Published articles can be deleted or hidden by simply changing their status.

New categories can be created and empty categories deleted.

The tag cloud is automatically re-calculated every time a new or amended article is published or deleted.


The system automatically generates a backup of the compete articles database (including categories and tags) every time an article is created or changed.