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Getting Started with Google AdWords Training Course

Getting Started with Google AdWords


The average UK company now spends around £1,500 in wasted advertising learning how the Google AdWords system actually works.

Getting Started with Google AdWords will ensure you avoid this learning curve, and provide you with the skills and knowledge required to build profitable AdWords campaigns.


No experience necessary.

This course is tailored to your business, and includes a review of your AdWords account (if you already have one) and website prior to the training.

Course outline

  • Google's network and advertising programmes;
  • Key concepts in Google AdWords;
  • Understanding Google's Enhanced Campaigns;
  • AdWords Tiered Account Model (TAM);
  • Defining your business and advertising criteria;
  • An introduction to keyword research;
  • Keyword discovery, mining and segmentation;
  • A review of your AdWords account (if applicable);
  • A review of your website and landing pages;
  • Building your first Google AdWords campaign;
  • Campaign optimisation techniques;
  • Writing effective advertising copy;
  • The role of landing pages;
  • Associated Google services.

Learn more about our Google AdWords Training Syllabus.

Format and price

This is a full-day course conducted at your premises. Facilities permitting, we'll train up to 5 members of your team at no extra charge. The price of this course is £459.00 excluding travel expenses (charged at cost).

PPC tools

We've developed a number of tools to assist with tasks such as keyword segmentation,

Keyword Segmentation Tool

Segmenting keywords into tightly-focussed groups is the first step to achieving high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and a good Quality Score in Google AdWords. However, segmenting large keyword lists by hand is time consuming and error prone.

Rise Marketing's Keyword Segmentation Tool

Rise Marketing's unique Keyword Segmentation Tool is designed to quickly sort a large list of keywords into multiple smaller lists of closely-related terms. Keywords can then be wrapped using one or more AdWords match types, and saved to disk ready for inclusion in your new campaign.

See for yourself

and all our training courses include free access to these tools.

Online access

Our training courses include a rich suite of high-quality slides which are first tailored to your business and then uploaded to our server. Our price includes permanent access to these slides for all participants after the course - all you need is a browser. You are free to review or print individual slides or refresh your memory on specific topics as often as you wish.

Guaranteed support

From experience, we know that no matter how good the training, you'll still have questions once you start building your own campaigns. Our price therefore includes 90 days unlimited support following your course.