Article Publication and Management
Article Publication and Management

Article Publication and Management


Article Publication and Management (APAM) is a powerful and cost-effective option designed to build higher rankings for your website and chosen search terms (keywords).

APAM is a streamlined, SEO-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allows authorised users to publish articles on nominated pages of your website, supported by headlines and tags for maximum search engine visibility (we use APAM on this site).

Fresh content

All major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, now date-stamp the content of your website at the time it is indexed. This allows them to determine how frequently your site is updated, in addition to its subject matter.

Achieving a high rank in natural search results therefore requires your website to be updated regularly with fresh, original content.

Without regular updates, any advantage gained by the introduction of a new website is quickly lost, and it will invariably sink down the rankings for your most valuable keywords.

Relevant Topics

From experience, we've found that the most effective solution to this problem for busy business users is the publication of articles on topics closely related to their company's operation, and the keywords for which they wish to rank.

Articles vs blogs

Articles are more flexible than blogs as they can be created whenever time permits. Publication is not linked to a calendar (and therefore not visible to visitors), and production can be readily outsourced.

By comparison, a blog that hasn't been updated for weeks - even months - is guaranteed to create a poor impression.