APAM System Overview
APAM System Overview

System Overview


The Article Publication and Management (APAM) system is located in a sub-directory of your website, for example: www.yourdomain.co.uk/apam.


Access to the system is restricted to those with a username and password, which are stored in a secure SQL database, and can be changed using standard database tools.


The diagram below shows a typical APAM installation.

APAM System Overview

Articles, categories and tags are all held in the database for resilience.


The Editor allows articles to be created or amended via a user-friendly graphical interface, with comparable functionality to popular software packages such as Microsoft® Word®.


Publication updates the articles page of your website with the new article using a URL (web page address) based on its title.

The article headline, associated categories and tag cloud are automatically updated every time a new article is published, or an existing article amended.


Search function

The system includes a Search function, enabling visitors to your website to easily find all articles containing a given search term (keyword or phrase).

Try the search function on this website.

Headline ticker

A headline Ticker lets you add a real-time feel to your website. The headlines are live and link to the associated article.

Try it for yourself using the example ticker below.

Twitter integration

Integration with Twitter allows you to Tweet the headline or subject of new articles at the time they are published.

Visit our Twitter account (@risemarketinguk).