Google AdWords Professional Campaign Management

Professional Campaign Management


In addition to our Audit and Tune-up services, we offer on-going campaign management for those who want their Google AdWords account managed by a qualified professional.

Google AdWords is an increasingly sophisticated advertising platform, and part of our business is to ensure we understand the system in-depth: its advantages, pitfalls and latest features.


We've been running Google AdWords campaigns since 2003, and currently manage over 90 accounts for customers in the UK, EU, USA and Australia, with advertising budgets ranging from £350 to €20,000 per month.

Our experience covers a wide range of products and services in markets as diverse as:-

  • Household electronics and appliances;
  • DNA paternity testing;
  • Furniture and kitchen design;
  • Car parts and accessories;
  • Public Relations (PR);
  • Supply chain and logistics;
  • Insurance products;
  • Publishing (electronic and print);
  • Information Technology (IT);
  • Financial services.
This experience enables us to save our customers money, improve their Return On Investment (ROI)

What is Return On Investment (ROI)?

In e-commerce, Return on Investment (ROI) is typically expressed in terms of your Gross Profit Margin (GPM).

GPM is calculated by dividing your net profit (revenues minus costs) by your revenues.

For example, with revenues of £10,000 and costs of £6,000, you have a profit of £4,000 and a GPM of 40%.

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and reduce their time to market.


Our monthly management fees are fixed and based on a detailed review of your Google AdWords account and business requirements.

Unlike many PPC agencies, we never calculate our fees based on your advertising spend.