Google AdWords Audit and Tune-up Services

Audit and Tune-up Services


Since its launch in April 2002, Google AdWords has grown into the largest

Search Engine Market Share

The online market continued to grow strongly over the past 12 months. Emerging economies such as India and China, and the continued migration of high street shoppers to the Internet, contributing to a 37% growth in volume.

Our table shows the market share of the three major search engines, and is compiled using figures reported by Nielson, comScore and Hitwise.

Having broken through the 80% barrier in 2010, Google's share has stablised around this figure. The launch of Bing saw a sharp rise in Microsoft's share of the market, however, this is primarily a US trend, with UK users overwhelmingly loyal to Google.

Although we also run PPC campaigns on Microsoft adCenter, Google's dominance of the search market makes these platforms a marginal choice for most UK advertisers.

and most sophisticated advertising platform on the Internet.

However, a recent survey by Hitwise showed that the average UK company now spends £1,500 in wasted advertising learning how Google's system actually works.

Our campaign management services are designed to ensure you avoid this learning curve, and spend your marketing budget acquiring new customers for your business.

AdWords account audit

Benefit from a professional review of your Google AdWords account, and let us ensure you're making the most of your advertising budget.

All our audits are undertaken by a qualified professional. Automated reports are no substitute for the experience and skill that only a hands-on audit can provide.

Service outline

  • Understand your business and marketing objectives;
  • Review your AdWords campaign and ad group structure, device and network segmentation;
  • Analyse your marketplace, keyword selection, match types and impression share;
  • Audit your Quality Score, Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) performance;
  • Inspect your ads (including extensions), landing pages and website;
  • Analyse your conversion tracking data and visitor quality;
  • Provide you with a written audit report and recommendations;
  • Telephone review of our report.

Format and price

A full audit of your Google AdWords account usually takes 3 days.

The price of a typical B2B or B2C account audit is £215.00.

AdWords account tune-up

A service for those who have already had an audit of their Google AdWords account, and wish the work to be carried-out quickly and efficiently by a qualified professional.

Service outline

Our Google AdWords tune-up service involves implementing all the recommendations identified in your audit report, and then handing-back the account to you, together with a full review of the work we've undertaken.

Format and price

A Google AdWords tune-up takes place over a 7-day period (to ensure we can monitor performance during a full working week).

The price of a typical B2B or B2C account tune-up is £245.00.