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Our Approach to Google Training

Our Approach to Google Training

Designed for business

Our courses are designed for people with real businesses to run and real products or services to sell.

We know the value of the Internet, but we also understand that running a business leaves you with limited time to manage your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. For this reason, we don't simply teach you Google Ads and SEO - we show you which features work (and which to avoid).

Available for all skill levels

Our Google Ads training courses cater for both novice and advanced business users, either planning their first campaign or looking to improve the performance of their campaigns and website.

Based on real-world experience

Unlike many providers, our training syllabus is based on real-world experience managing £3.2 million in online advertising for 100+ customers in the UK, Europe and USA.

Conducted at your premises

All our courses are full-day events conducted at your premises. We've found that training users at their own premises is the most productive format, and allows us to leave you with a fully-functioning Google AdWords campaign to use as a template for the others you'll be building.

Five for the price of one

Having more than 1 member of staff able to run your Google Ads and SEO campaigns is a real asset to any business. We'll therefore train up to 5 members of your team for the same price of £459.00.

Support included

From experience, we know that no matter how good the training, you'll still have questions once you start building your own SEO and PPC campaigns. Our prices therefore includes 90 days unlimited support following your course.

Tools included

We've developed a number of tools to assist with tasks such as keyword segmentation,

Keyword Segmentation Tool

Segmenting keywords into tightly-focussed groups is the first step to achieving high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and a good Quality Score in Google AdWords. However, segmenting large keyword lists by hand is time consuming and error prone.

Rise Marketing's Keyword Segmentation Tool

Rise Marketing's unique Keyword Segmentation Tool is designed to quickly sort a large list of keywords into multiple smaller lists of closely-related terms. Keywords can then be wrapped using one or more AdWords match types, and saved to disk ready for inclusion in your new campaign.

See for yourself

and all our Google AdWords training courses include free access to these tools.


Our Google Ads and SEO training courses are available in greater London, the Midlands and across the East of England.