About Rise Marketing UK

About our Company


Established in 2005, we've become one of the South East's most experienced PPC training, campaign management, web design, SEO and social media marketing companies.

What makes us different?


Although we're an accredited agency, we do not sell or promote Google AdWords. We only recommend aspects of the service that we believe will deliver results for our customers, and provide clear advice on those features that should be avoided.


Unlike many training providers, our courses are based on the real-world experience of running PPC, SEO and social media marketing campaigns - not just teaching them.


We "practice what we preach", employing the SEO techniques and principals we recommend on all the websites we develop (including this one). Our social media marketing is similarly grounded in knowing what actually works - and what is merely "hype".


We don't promise what we can't deliver, and never over-estimate what can be achieved. Adding a few keywords to the home page of your website isn't going to put you at the top of Google's search results, and having a Facebook page or Twitter account is no guarantee of incremental sales.


Our services are designed for people with real companies to run and real products or services to sell. We know that the average business cannot afford to devote hours every day managing their online campaigns, sending Tweets, writing blogs and updating their Facebook page. Our solutions work because we understand the realities of running a business in challenging economic times.

Recognised expertise

We've become recognised experts in our field:-

  • We ran the Google AdWords Masterclass as part of the takeITon programme;
  • Presented An Introduction to PPC for the EU Regional Development Fund;
  • Participated in the government's Solutions for Business initiative.

Results driven

In 2020, we managed £3.2 million in online advertising for 100+ customers worldwide, and delivered 30 websites for UK companies in markets as diverse as electronic publishing, DNA testing and the oil industry.