SEO Friendly Features of APAM
SEO Friendly Features of APAM

SEO Friendly Features


Article Publication and Management (APAM) incorporates a number of features specifically designed to enhance the SEO value of each published article.


Headings created within the article Editor are automatically translated into their corresponding HTML (heading) tags.

The Editor also creates appropriate division and paragraph sections within the article.

Users can view and edit the HTML source code for an article if required.


APAM automatically generates SEO-friendly URLs (web page addresses) and breadcrumb trails for each new article based on its headline.

Inserting the headline (with link) for each new article on the home page of your website helps ensure search engines will find and index it during their next pass.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content.

Many news-related sites, blogs and other frequently updated websites syndicate their content via an RSS Feed to enable visitors to more easily track updates.

APAM automatically creates and maintains an RSS feed. The RSS feed for this website is available here.


The tag cloud provides additional keyword indexing and also results in SEO-friendly URLs.


Together with article publication, we also assist our customers to setup Twitter and other social media accounts to help in the wider promotion of their website, content and brand.